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Gas Boilers

There are three types of gas boilers for domestic properties – combi (combination), system and regular as detailed below.




Gas Combi Boilers


A gas combi (combination boiler) has now become the most popular type of heating and hot water boiler installed in UK homes. Over 15 million have been fitted in the UK and are now the preferred choice for most homeowners and installers.
Worcester Greenstar combi boilers are designed and manufactured to provide high levels of performance and efficiency.  CP Plumbing & Heating supply and install gas combi boilers throughout Bath and the surrounding area. You can read more details regarding the Worcester Bosch boilers available here.

Gas Regular Boilers

Worcester Greenstar regular boilers are designed to meet all the demands of every size of home and are an ideal choice as an energy efficient replacement for an existing boiler. All Greenstar boilers operate in excess of 90% efficiency so will help to reduce your energy bills. They can enhance heating and water performance even in situations of two or more bathrooms or in properties with low water pressure.

The quality and reliability of a Worcester boiler means they are robust enough to deliver heat and hot water year after year.
The boiler range offers boilers of compact size enabling the Compact boiler to fit into a standard kitchen cupboard. The range also offers simple installation keeping any disruption, mess and costs down.

Gas System Boilers

Worcester Greenstar system boilers are highly efficient and economical to run incorporating the main components of a traditional heating system making the installation cheaper, less disruptive and neater. Known for their high quality and reliability the Greenstar system boiler is robust enough to provide even the highest heating and water demands.
The compact size of the system boilers means that they fit almost any location including the 27kW and 30kW models able to fit into a standard kitchen cupboard.
These system boilers can be combine with a wide range of controls which maximise comfort and efficiency plus add a Worcester Greenstar hot water cylinder for a complete package. Contact us for more details regarding the supply and installation of gas boilers in Bath and the surrounding area.