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Solar Panels

Solar Hot Water

CP Plumbing & Heating (SW) Ltd can supply and install Worcester Lifestyle and Lito solar panels linked to a twin coil Greenstore unvented hot water cylinder.

What you need to know about Solar Water Heating:

Contrary to popular belief the amount of solar radiation received across the UK makes the UK ideally suited to delivering a highly efficient solar water heating system.

The solar heating map below highlights the medium to high intensity of sunlight received across much of the UK. Here in the South West we are ideally sited to maximise the potential that can be gained from solar water heating.

Do I need planning permission?

Unless you home is a listed building or in a conservation area, planning permission is unlikely to be required as fitting solar panels would typically be covered by the right to permitted development.

Do Solar thermal systems need a south facing house?

The best results are gained by placing solar panels onto a south facing roof but however if the property has a suitable roof surface which faces towards the east and west then you may still be able to benefit from a Worcester Greenskies solar thermal system. We can survey the property and advise.

What saving can I gain?

A typical well-sized solar thermal water heating system can provide up to 60% of your annual hot water requirement* leading to reduced energy bills. You would also be making a significant contribution to reducing your carbon footprint. Energy Saving Trust

How cost effective is solar thermal?

A Worcester Greenskies solar thermal system gives you an extremely efficient way of generating free hot water from the sun.
The only associated cost of running the solar system is running the pump which circulates the glycol mix down from the solar panels to your hot water cylinder. The pump will only run when the temperature in the solar panel is 8°C higher than the hot water cylinder thereby reducing your electricity requirement.

The cost of installing a solar thermal system will vary considerably between different properties. An example would be adding solar panels to a home which already has a system or regular type boiler rather than a combi boiler is likely to be significantly cheaper.

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